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Latest from Sumter EMC

Sumter EMC Responds to the Coronavirus

The COVID-19 crisis presents a different kind of storm, but Sumter EMC is prepared to weather it with the same careful planning, service and support you’ve come to expect from your local co-op in any emergency.

Sale of used vehicles and equipment

Sumter EMC is auctioning used vehicles and equipment to the general public at

Cooperative Solar

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy without any of the hassles associated with having solar panels installed on your property? Sumter EMC Cooperative Solar makes it easy for members to have clean, affordable, renewable solar energy from a utility-scale facility with none of the costs or maintenance of a rooftop solar system.


Prepay Electric Service

Sumter EMC’s innovative Prepay Electric Service program for residential accounts allows you to take charge of your electric bills! Unlike traditional post-pay accounts, Prepay accounts allow you to pay for your electricity before you use it.

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